Us bloggers tend to go through spurts of inspiration. At least I know I do! There are some weeks where I'm just bursting with new ideas, and other times I spend hours just staring at the blank screen, cursor blinking.

Us bloggers tend to go through spurts of inspiration. At least I know I do! There are some weeks where I’m just bursting with new ideas, and other times I spend hours just staring at the blank screen, cursor blinking. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a lack of blog post ideas (okay, there are a FEW things more frustrating, but that’s a conversation for another day).

A lack of ideas is so not fun, especially when you actually have time to write something for your blog, but you just can’t think of what to say. This has happened to me so many times.

So what do you do when you’ve exhausted all the normal routes for coming up with ideas?

Here are 5 ways to come up with blog post ideas when you brain feels broken:

1. Survey your readers

Your readers are the best place to get new blog post ideas. They can provide you with feedback that you might not have learned on your own. On my other blog, I typically run a survey once a year to gather feedback from my readers and the responses I get are invaluable.

When you are running a blog survey to gather blog post ideas, here are a few questions you might want to ask:

  • Which types of posts do you find the most valuable?
  • What is your favorite blog post on the blog?
  • What are you currently struggling with/ want to learn?
  • Which types of content do you want to see less of?

These are all questions that will help you figure out what your readers are looking for, and help you figure out what type of content you should create more of in the future. You can even ask your readers to give suggestions or prompts for future blog posts, and you can build up a stash of blog post ideas for the future.

2. Repurpose old content

Chances are that there is tons of great old content from the early days of your blog that very few people have read. If you scroll through your archives, you will probably find some really great post that went unnoticed simply because your blog didn’t have as wide as audience as it does now.

A way to create new content is to find old content, tweak it, and post it for all of your current readers to see. You’ll probably remember how frustrating it was to spend hours on a post, and only get a couple views on it. By repurposing old content, you can get new posts up on the blog for your readers and not waste time trying to come up with ideas.


3. Look For Trends

What are the hot topics in your niche right now? Trends are a great way to find inspiration for a new blog post and draw traffic to your blog at the same time. When you are trying to figure out what the current trends are, try this:

  • Look for trending hashtags on Twitter
  • Read established publications in your niche. What events or topics are they talking about a lot?
  • See which search terms are increasingly leading people to your blog.
  • See what key influencers are talking about in your niche.
  • What type of content is being shared on social media the most?

Trends are great inspiration for blog posts. You can talk about the trend, write a pros or cons list about the topic, or share your opinion (and more!).

4. Think Of Possible Spin-Offs Of Current Posts

Go to your blog dashboard and check out your stats. What is your most popular blog post? Maybe it is a post you wrote about why you love being a fashion blogger. Now think about how you could possibly write a spin-off of that post. In the example outlined above, you could possibly do the totally opposite of that post and write about all the negative parts of being a fashion blogger.

Spin-offs of popular posts are great because you already know that the new post will be a hit, just based on how popular the original was.

5. Use The Funnel Strategy

Maybe you don’t have an exact idea for a blog post, but you probably have a rough idea of what topics you’d like to write about. For me, I can narrow the list down to a few topics, like running a blog, managing social media, earning money from your blog, and growing your tribe online. That’s more specific than just “blogging,” but it isn’t quite specific enough.

From there, I use this funnel formula:

General Topic > More Specific Topic > Identify A Problem > Solve The Problem > Hook

Here’s how that might look for this post:

Blogging > Creating Content > Not Having Ideas > finding ideas > How to come up with ideas when your brain feels broken.

Do you see how it slowly progresses from general to more and more specific? That’s what you should be aiming for. I want you to pick one area that you blog about and test out this funnel method to create a solid blog post idea.

Here’s my challenge to you.

These are all strategies that I use to come up with blog post ideas for Fierce Blogging and my second blog. I challenge you to try out each of these methods and come up with one blog post idea for each method. That’s 5 new blog post ideas right there! Pretty cool, right?

How do you do when you are struggling to come up with blog post ideas?

Author: Jessica Bernt

Ready to rock your blog? Jessica is the blogger and creative mind behind Fierce Blogging. Before starting Fierce Blogging, she worked on another successful book blog for 3 years, as well as multiple online businesses. She's passionate about helping others build profitable blogs, and hot chocolate.

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