Worksheets are a great way to offer bonus content to your readers at no extra cost. On Fierce Blogging, I have a library of free worksheets and content that I offer to all my email subscribers. It’s a great way to offer bonuses to my subscribers, as well as an incentive for people to join my email list in the first place.

You can also offer worksheets as a content upgrade in your blog posts. For example, in my blog post about how to launch your blog with a bang, I included a free blog launch checklist.

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1. Create an account in Canva

If you don’t already have a Canva account, you can sign up at Otherwise, you can log in to your normal account.

2. Create a new file

Once you log in, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. At the top, under CREATE A DESIGN, you can see some of the most popular designs. The one that you need to design a worksheet will have be 8.5 by 11 inches (A5), which you can find in the extended graphic templates. To get there, click the MORE button.

When you scroll down, click the template called US Letter. This can be located under the Documents category.

3. Set a background color

This is the page that will show up once you’ve selected the US Letter template. By clicking the BACKGROUND button, you can select the color that you want to set your background to either from the Default Palette, or you can add a custom color by clicking the + button.

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4. Add a white shape overlay

Since a color background is hard to write on, you can overlay a white rectangle. This can be done by going to the Elements > Shapes > then clicking on the first rectangle. You can adjust the size of the the rectangle.

5. Add a title

You can add a title by going to Text > Add Heading. You can then type your title out. You may have to add a few different text boxes if you want to use different text boxes, because Canva doesn’t let you have more than one font per text box. In the above example, I use two different fonts so I had to create two separate text boxes.

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 6. Add frames

Text boxes are the space that your readers write the responses to your questions. Adding text boxes is a great way to make your worksheets look organized and easy to follow. You can add a text box by using the frame in the Shapes section. Here’s how to get there:

  • Elements > Shapes > Scroll down and click on the frame.

7. Add text for your questions/ subtitles

This can be done the same way that you added the text for the title.

  • Text > Add subheading.

8. Add multiple pages

There are two approaches to this.

Option 1-  You can click the ADD PAGE button, which will cause you to end up with a page that is JUST the background you’ve set.

Option 2- The other option is to duplicate the first page. You can do this by clicking the little picture of two rectangles beside your worksheet. This will create a second page exactly like your first. You’ll then want to make any adjustments or changes. For example, you can see that I continued my numbering scheme.

9. Save your worksheets as a PDF

You can download your file by clicking the DOWNLOAD button in the top corner of the screen. For a worksheet, you’ll want to set your settings to:

  • Standard PDF
  • All pages

You can then download your file.

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Here’s my challenge to you:

Worksheets are a great lead magnet to grow your email list and offer something extra to your readers. Plus, Canva is the easiest way to create worksheets for free!

If you don’t already offer worksheets on your blog, what are you waiting for?

Author: Jessica Bernt

Ready to rock your blog? Jessica is the blogger and creative mind behind Fierce Blogging. Before starting Fierce Blogging, she worked on another successful book blog for 3 years, as well as multiple online businesses. She's passionate about helping others build profitable blogs, and hot chocolate.

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